Personal Trainers in Bury St Edmunds

Personal Trainers in Bury St Edmunds


Customer satisfaction is very important to us. We love our work and we always make sure our customers are 100% happy with the service we provide. If on a very rare occasion, they were not 100% happy, we would work hard to put things right.


“I have a life threatening lung disease, after working as a Baker and inhaling flour for many years and I need to have a lung transplant. Papworth Hospital will not operate on me until I reach 16 stone 4, due to possible complications.

I started personal training with Peter just over 18 months ago when I weighed 22 stone 5. Peter began a twice a week home exercise program with me and has advised me on weight control via changes to my diet and lifestyle.

I have lost over 5 1/2 stone and now weigh 16 stone 8 and I really feel that I will be down to my target weight within the next 4 months and then I can be put on the waiting list to receive my lung transplant.

Without Peter’s valuable help and patience, I really don’t think I would be here today. Trying to stay fit with this lung disease is really hard but he keeps me on track. Giving up would be the easy option to take. Peter makes sure I stay motivated.

Home personal training makes sense as I would never stick with a gym routine.

I highly recommend PMA Personal Training and Peter Azzopardi is your man.”

– Tim Sutcliffe

“I’m Clare, a 39 year old Mother of 2. I first contacted Peter to help me lose weight after the birth of my children. I wasn’t sure what to expect but right from the start when Peter came to my home, he made me feel at ease. Following an initial assessment of my current fitness level (which was quite poor!), Peter incorporated a twice a week schedule consisting of Yoga, Boxercise and Kettlebells into my routine. He also advised me of activities to perform outside the gym and how much of these, along with gradual lifestyle changes and diet modifications of just one habit per month.
Within 12 weeks, I had lost a stone, had dropped 3 dress sizes and I was much more toned and I just felt like I had so much more energy.
I would recommend anyone with any reservations about personal training with Peter to contact him today. The training is both fun and sustainable and Peter is a highly professional trainer, empathetic to his clients needs.”

– Clare Dunn

“Hi I am Lisa, I am 38 years old. I began personal training with Peter as I was fed up of going into clothes shops and coming out without buying what I wanted to because my body wouldn’t allow me to wear it. I also felt that others did not feel very much about me either. I decided to bite the bullet and contacted Peter at PMA personal training. Right from the initial telephone call, Peter made me feel that this would be something that I would enjoy doing. At the same time, he gave me the impression that he would motivate me to do it as I am not the type of person who would join a gym and use it. I needed a personal trainer to come to my house and ring the doorbell! When I have done exercise before, it’s been a fad and I’ve quit after a few weeks. When Peter came, he spent allot of time making sure that I was tested physically and mentally and this included psychometric tests to assess me for diet and lifestyle change. He looked at my eating plans and devised me a coaching plan. So far, I’ve managed to lose 2 stone in weight 6 1/2 inches from my waist, 2 ½ inches off of my hips in just 4 months. I feel more confident in myself and I never thought that I would go from somebody who hated exercise, to someone that loves it. I really recommend the 1:1 personal training with Peter, it is so much more beneficial than joining the gym.”

– Lisa O’Peter

“Peter achieves a nice balance between professional and friendly. He really helped me get back on the road to fitness and weight loss after a difficult time. He is extremely adaptable and tailored the sessions to my needs. He always brought an array of equipment to use to support whatever exercise I needed to do on that day. He offers an excellent personalised and professional service.”

– Elaine O’Connor

“As a 64 year old running my own business, I found myself sitting for prolonged periods at the desk. I gave up with my last personal trainer at LA Fitness 3 yrs ago, mainly due to the travelling and began personal training with Peter at my home. Peter has used Kettlebells, Vipr, Medicine ball and stretching with me for 3 years now. The proof is in the pudding as my recent fitness assessment revealed. Since starting with Peter, I have lost 18 pounds of fat and 5 1/4 inches off of my waist. I’ve gained 4 pounds of muscle and crucially, my blood pressure is finally where it should be and my joints feel much more mobile. I feel I’m in much better shape all the way round. Peter is friendly and supportive of your needs and I would highly recommend home personal training over joining the gym. It is much more time efficient and you will be much more likely to stick with exercise over the long-term.”

– Dean Waterman

“Martyn is very professional and hard working and makes exercise enjoyable. He is very good at identifying weaknesses and helping his clients improve. I would highly recommend anyone considering a personal trainer to contact Martyn.”

– Sarah Goffin

“Thanks to Peter for his energizing Yoga sessions, they are just what I need. Yoga with Peter has helped to relieve my knee pain, left sided neck pain and right hip pain. I really appreciate Peter’s commitment, professionalism and caring approach and would highly recommend other clients to his services.”

– Julie Osbon

“I wanted to lose weight and have arthritis and scoliosis, which meant that I was more able to twist one way than the other. Since beginning a programme of Kettlebells with Peter, I lost 4.4 pounds the first week! I am now much more supple and can twist equally both ways! And I noticed this after just two sessions! I am so pleased and excited about what this form of exercise is doing for my body! If you want to lose weight or if you have any musculoskeletal issues, this is the exercise for you! Peter is a great instructor and tailors the exercise to the individual. He is really encouraging and inspiring. Thanks, Pete! :)”

– Kathy Grant

“I sustained a severe brain injury in a road traffic accident a few years ago. Once I emerged from a coma I then had to re-learn practically everything from walking to talking, etc. I received excellent rehabilitation including physiotherapy for a year; progress was continued with Pilates. Since then I have employed a Personal Trainer. Peter Azzopardi was recommended to me. He has worked gradually on increasing my strength and stamina so that I’m more reliably able to carry out some of the ‘every day’ tasks which we all automatically undertake without a thought. It’s only when something like this injury happens to you that you realize just how much we take our abilities for granted! Peter has very carefully and thoughtfully applied his knowledge to teach me and advise me about various different types of exercise suited to different purposes e.g. Kettle Bell routines to build all-round strength and stamina, as well as specific exercises for joint mobility. He always considers safety, the importance of warming up before and stretching after exercise and variety to maintain interest and challenge. Peter is very pleasant and has a good sense of humor so if you have doubts about ‘personal training’ then please don’t – hire him and learn to get fit in the best way for you as an individual.”

– Sally Baker

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Peter for introducing me to Kettlebells, Vipr and Kick Boxercise, which I’ve enjoyed immensely. You are a great personal trainer with a wide range of skills and ideas which have stopped me getting bored and trust me I’m pretty high maintenance…as no doubt my husband will testify!”

– Jaz Hegarty

“I’m really enjoying my personal training sessions with Peter. He works you at a level you are comfortable with. Anyone thinking of beginning personal training should consider working with Peter.”

-Tim Holding

“I work in a manual job which was causing me back pain. Martyn got me working on flexibility and core muscles and my back pain has gone. I’m really addicted to the sessions now!”

-Mar Zina

“Martyn is 1st class as he makes sure that you are doing your exercises correctly. He progresses you when you are ready too. I really enjoy doing kettlebells and Vipr training with Martyn and the time passes so quickly too.”

-Maralyn Jarmyn

*Results may vary from person to person