Exciting news – Boxercise Speed Pads course booked 25 June & coming very soon to your home!

Are you looking for more excitement in your workouts? Would you like to burn over 1000 calories per hour? Do you love the idea of burning fat, toning up, getting fit and working core?

Boxercise does all of this and more!

Boxercise is regarded as ‘The only name people will ask for in boxing fitness’ and for good reason. Andy Wake, the founder has been a professional boxer and coach and he was even trusted by Muhammad Ali to produce a training course based on Ali’s techniques in his prime. The Speed Pads course is a result of this, although it’s no longer named this way as Boxercise chose not to spend a further £50,000 over a 5 year period to retain the title.

I’m so excited about this course as I’ve spent the past 7 months learning the ‘Advanced PT course’ techniques with clients and the feedback has been amazing, people who normally do not enjoy exercise tell me that they love it! Speed Pads is the next step and the most advanced Boxercise Course offered.

In the meantime, please check out the video here of Andy in action, demonstrating techniques which I’ll soon be using with you in your workouts! https://youtu.be/V6DMI2YA6XQ

Keep punching! Peter

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