Awesome news for Boxercise fans – we’ve achieved the ‘Advanced Instructor’ certificate which just 30% of Instructors achieve!

Hey Guys,

I hope you are all well and enjoying this great British Summer? (Enjoy it while it lasts!)

Great news for clients who do Boxercise with me:

I’m so pleased to have passed 1st time the ‘Boxercise Advanced Instructor’ certificate by completing 3 courses – Boxercise Instructor, Advanced Skills / PT and Speed Pads with over 80% on each (only 30% of Instructors who try for it earn it).

I have to thank you all – my awesome Personal Training clients who have been patient and worked so hard with me whilst I have also developed my coaching skills with them.

By jointly working on our techniques together, our sessions strive not just to be good, but to be perfect!

By utilizing the correct technique, you will inevitably be burning more calories, becoming fitter and also improving your skills, which has a cross over effect into other sports and activities.

Really looking forwards to our up coming sessions together and thank you very much for your continued custom.

Best regards

Peter – Personal Trainer

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