Does Meat REALLY Cause Cancer, As Reported On ‘What The Health’ Recently?

Hi Guys,

One of my pescatarian clients was genuinely upset by the recent documentary ‘What The Health’ which promotes the message that ‘all’ meat increases risk factor for cancer, to the point that she is seriously contemplating becoming a vegan.
After all it was ‘Doctors’ who were being interviewed and giving the ‘facts’ so it must be true right?
From watching a review on the documentary by a PhD Nutritional Scientist, it would appear that the Doctors in the documentary also owned companies which sell vegan products and so profit directly from their cherry picked ‘research’.
This is always the danger when the media report and make sensationalist claims and is why we must always be skeptical with what we read about nutrition or watch on TV . If you wish, you can view the documentary review here, it may make you question the media and the motives of some of the so called experts in future, regardless of their paper credentials 🙂

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